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Personalized Wallpaper Printing in London

Same Day Sticker Printing London
Same Day Sticker Printing London

Same Day Personalized Vinyl Sticker Printing London

Printing and installing wallpaper are among “Promitech’s” most sought-after services. Printing digitally on wall coverings can be used as permanent and temporary displays in the workplace and retail environments as well as in museums, restaurants, small-time pop-ups and exhibitions. If quality is paramount for the client, we always suggest professionally installed wallpapers on self-adhesive ones.We work with various wallpaper brands throughout London; however, we are renowned for wallpapers of Muraspec. Muraspec Digimura range above all other options as it brings elegance and a pleasing to the eyes of all age demographic. The wallpapers are extremely weighty, which means they can cover any blemishes on the wall. The wallpapers are made of dense fabric, which helps improve adhesion, making stripping the wallpaper easy. The surface is resistant to scratches and completely washable.The wallpaper we use at Promitech is created using UV-curing inks that are strong and durable. They are also fade-resistant. Colours are vibrant and vivid to last for years. We also offer full layout, printing and assembly services for London and the UK.Walls are the ideal backdrop to print digitally printed wall covers. SAS Graphics has many years of experience in the field of printing as well as installing printed digital wall covers. We have many printing methods that can be used for many applications.However, if you are going for a posh-looking wall? We suggest using a wet pasted digitally printed wallpaper for an attractive, high-end look because the joints are overlapped and then cut to make them invisible. Because if this reason is the most popular option of feature walls for a variety of locations, such as office spaces, shops, museums and retail spaces.The wet pasted digitally printed wallpaper is glued to the wall with decorative wallpaper. The products come with various finishes but are classified as fire-proof to Class O or 1. There are a variety of products that are available with a variety of finishes for the surface.

Custom Wallpaper Printing

Create your space exactly how you would like it to be by creating your own personal wallpaper printing. Create your wallpaper and select from three beautiful papers: our standard paper, premium or self-adhesive. Request a sample to see the stunning prints. The prints are all displayed clearly, with clear edges and definitions that make a statement when viewed from any surface. With custom sizes, transform your walls into an impressive display by designing your own wallpaper for each room within your home. Ideal for designers, artists or those with a unique taste, this wallpaper can showcase your design while adding a fresh, unique look to your house. Here at Promitech, you will get: ● Three types: standard, premium, or self-adhesive ● Sizes are available in all sizes. ● Samples of high-quality wallpaper are available for purchase. ● Custom printing on demand ● Solvent-free wallpaper

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