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Professional Plastic Comb Binding in London

Plastic Comb Binding London

Plastic comb binding documents are ideal for expanding, updating, or storing a large number of pages. Using plastic binding machines, you can bind documents quickly and economically. The plastic comb is an ideal alternative to – or as an expansion to – traditional stitching on the spine. The document can easily be expanded with new pages. At the same time, it keeps its shape and does not get soiled by contact with hands and pockets because it is not folded back. It also ensures that your document looks good in quality because plastic binding gives a smooth surface and consistent appearance. United Comb Binding Machines offers Comb Binding Services near London, covering Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Kent & Essex.

Plastic binding has been on the market for a while, and recently it has gained popularity due to its durability, usability, and price. Plastic binding is popular amongst businesses as well as an academic institutions because of these factors mentioned above.

For business people or people in business, plastic comb binding is used mainly for catalogs, reports, proposals, and presentations. Plastic binding gives a more professional look to your business documents than staple or paperclip binders. It makes all your documents neat and presentable, even if they are confidential documents. Also, it’s easier to read through several pages most of the time without getting tired of plastic bindings compared to paper clips or staples since plastic binds have some padding between each page.

Using plastic bindings will save you a lot of money in the long run as it’s a more long-term solution. You can easily have your plastic-bound documents spiral bound to preserve them for future use, often indefinitely. This is one of the reasons why most businesses prefer plastic binding over staples and paperclips. You could get multiple benefits out of these documents, and they will still be presentable.

There are several places where you can find same-day plastic bindings near me or in London using the internet. Still, you may also face some issues when choosing since there are so many places that offer different types of plastic bindings at a different pricing level and with their terms and conditions.

What Is Plastic Comb Binding?

Comb binding is one of several methods for joining pages together to form a book. This method uses circular plastic spines with 19 rings (for US Letter size) or 21 rings (for A4 size) and a hole puncher that punches rectangular holes in the spines’ corners. Comb binding is sometimes referred to as plastic comb binding or spiral comb binding in some instances.

Plastic Comb Binding Process

To begin binding a document, the user punches holes in it using a specialized hole punch. With the majority of these machines, pages must be stuck one at a time. If durable covers are desired, they must also be pierced. A paper drilling machine may be utilized in bulk applications.

The user then selects a spine size that corresponds to the document. Standard sizes range from 4.8 mm (316 in) (for 16 sheets of 20# paper) to 51 mm (2 in) (for 16 sheets of 20# paper) (for 425 sheets). Generally, spine lengths are 280 mm (11 in) to correspond to the length of letter-size paper.

The rings on the spine open and insert into the holes in the pages, then rest against the spine’s body, forming a closure that may be opened again to make adjustments to the book.


There are so many reasons to use plastic binding in your office or home. The main advantage of using a plastic comb is that it has a circular design, making the book flat when opened. You do not have to fight with the book staying open because it will lie flat in your hand.

First things first: what is a plastic comb? It is precise, as the name suggests; A plastic base with nine teeth on each side holding your paper together. The documents you decide to use should be no more than 70gsm (grams per square meter); anything above this, you might see some problems with tearing and opening the comb bound document properly.

The other great advantage of using Plastic Comb Binding is you can conceal wires for easy binding. You can choose from a selection of concealed wires, plastic combs, and covers in various colors to best suit you and your company.

You do not necessarily have to use the same color as your cover for the wire itself; that way, when looking at the back and front of the document, it will be clear which is which even if they are not the same color. The hidden wire on the inside makes this binding look professional because the wire will be out of sight and therefore unnoticeable by any passing reader or bystander.

With Plastic Comb Binding, you don’t just need to bind notebooks or brochures together; these bindings are often used for magazines and catalogs and folders with multiple sheets so that essential documents stay attached altogether.


For books that have to be turned a lot, plastic binding is not the best option. The reader won’t open completely flat because it has a wire keeping it closed. If you do use a plastic-bound book, make sure to have enough clearance between the cables, so it’s easy to turn each page without having to fight with the text block.

Same Day Delivery Process

In our London-based company, we provide high-quality services in various areas such as printing, binding, branding, marketing displays, and more. There is no project that is too large for our experience.

Among other things, we can assist you with printing hardcover books with wire branding, a large number of calendars, and many more items at extremely cheap pricing. The most valuable aspect of dealing with London Binding is that we may supply our services within 24 hours of receiving your order. We also provide delivery to our clients when our team of professionals has completed their documents.

We are only a phone call away; telephone our office number and speak with our customer service representatives about our wire binding services.