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Folded Leaflet Design & Printing Services in London

Same Day Folded Leaflet Printing

We all know the importance of sending a message to your audience, and Creased Leaflets or folded leaflets achieve this perfectly, standing out on a shelf or in someone’s hand. If you’ve got some information that needs delivery, same day folded leaflet printing is the ideal way to do it.

Creased leaflets (or folded leaflets) are a paper product that can be folded into any shape, for example, z fold leaflet, tri-fold leaflets, bi-fold leaflet, a5 folded leaflet, a3 folded leaflets, roll-fold, c fold leaflet etc. Crease or folded leaflets are often used in direct marketing because you can include multiple papers inside the printing of one leaflet. Folded leaflets have always been my favorite type of leaflet. I’m sure when reading this article you will share the same view with me on why crease leaflets are so good!

Crease leaflets can also be twisted around something small like a piece of string which allows it to be hung up somewhere, like at a car park or supermarket entrance. It is also great for packaging products, something like ‘jeans purchased at’ pocket. It is particularly beneficial for companies who need extra space and can be printed on various papers, including gloss or matt paper. Folded leaflets come in circular and square shapes and are a very versatile product – customers can use them to display anything from items for sale, special offers, or corporate branding promotional documents.

Promitech offers the cheapest leaflet printing service of creased or folded leaflets in any size you require using good quality paper stocks up to 300gsm with various finishes [depending upon your needs]. Why not try our cheap leaflet printing service? We will help you make the right choices about which paper stocks and finishes to use. Users can use folded leaflets for all sorts of things – they are popular in direct mail marketing, design your leaflets, product packaging and even promotional documents. They look great when glazed on one side or printed onto both sides with full-colour printing. Crease leaflets present your brand in a decisive fashion that will engage potential customers’ attention and get you more business!

As Creased Leaflets arrive flat, they’re easy to transport and simple to store without taking up much space, and when you need them, they can be folded as needed. With Creased leaflets durable, they can be used time and again, increasing their value for money.

There is no room for mistakes when sending important messages through Creased Leaflets; we ensure perfect results using our digital printing services, which produce brilliant colours with sharp text. So Creased Leaflets are not only practical, but they’re great value for money too.

If Creased Leaflets aren’t the right way to reach your audience, why not try a Blockbuster Poster, a robust and cost-effective poster solution.

Same Day Folded Leaflet Printing Options

Half-fold – Half-fold leaflets are folded in half at the centre, similar to a greeting card folded in half.

  • Making use of our bi-fold leaflets, you can create a unique bespoke brochure.
  • This item is folded in half down the middle.
  • Flyer printing at an affordable price on a variety of materials and sizes
  • Excellent menus and advertising flyers for bars and restaurants.
  • Delivered in two working days or less.


Roll fold – Three parts are separated into three sections of the roll fold leaflet, with the outer sections folding over one another. This is referred to as a letter fold in some circles.

  • An 8-page folded booklet with three folds is available.
  • There is plenty of room to fill
  • With our free blank templates, you can quickly and easily design your roll fold booklet.
  • Folded menus are ideal for this.
  • Delivered in two working days or less.


Z fold – Z fold leaflets vary from roll fold leaflets in that their panels do not overlap, whereas the panels of roll fold leaflets do. Their accordion or Z-shape folding design allows you to display three artwork panels on each side, which are then seen in sequence.

  • A Z-fold leaflet is a tri-fold leaflet that folds in three directions.
  • There is a print alternative to fit every marketing budget.
  • Increase the protection of your folded flyer by adding a lamination.
  • Ideal for takeout menus or inserts in magazines and newspapers
  • Delivered in two working days or less.


C fold – The outside flaps of gatefold leaflets are folded inwards to meet in the centre of the leaflet. Viewers may open the flaps to reveal the artwork that is contained within.


  • A tri-fold leaflet option that folds like a C Quality folded leaflet printing on four different types of beautiful materials
  • Choose from a variety of often used sizes.
  • The most effective method of publishing sales brochures
  • It was delivered in two working days or less.

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Frequently Asked Question

Promitech print and sign, from Mile End Road producing Same Day Folded Leaflet Printing service for more than 1 decade.

When you fold a leaflet, you are displaying information for advertising or marketing reasons on a sheet of paper that has been folded in a certain fashion. Half-fold leaflets are folded in half at the centre, similar to how a greeting card is folded in half. Three parts are separated into three sections of the roll fold leaflet, with the outer sections folding over one another. Z fold leaflets vary from roll fold leaflets in that their panels do not overlap, whereas the panels of roll fold leaflets do.

Yes, you may have leaflets printed with your artwork and photos on them. Every online leaflet printing order is custom-printed for each customer, using artwork that is unique to them.

Because they are so adaptable, the answer is almost anyplace! When it comes to folded leaflets, they are most often utilised for promotional offers, eye-catching newsletters, and mouth-watering meals.

Because folded leaflets are so adaptable, the number of advantages they may provide appears to be limitless. In contrast, the most significant benefits of folded leaflets include the fact that they are a cost-effective marketing tool, that there are numerous different types of folds, and that you can cram more information into a wide flat sheet that is then folded to make it smaller and more portable. When you purchase online, we promise that your order will be processed quickly.

Because you are able to physically and audibly present your product or service to your target market, folded leaflets are a very successful advertising strategy. They are also a very cost-effective method of advertising because they are tiny enough to be handed out door to door and disseminated in public places.

A variety of folding options are offered, including the z-fold, roll-fold, half-fold, and gate-fold. For additional information and to see how these various sorts of folds function, please visit this page.

If you place your purchase before 12 noon, we may ship your folded leaflets the same day you get them. Place your order right away. This is our same day folded leaflet printing service.

We print our folded leaflets on a variety of different types of paper, including silk coated (115gsm – 350gsm), gloss coated (115gsm – 350gsm), and quality uncoated paper (100gsm – 350gs).

Of course you can. Please mention your requirement while ordering same day folded leaflet printing and delivery service. We will adjust matching your necessity.

It takes us 48 hours to complete a basic leaflet printing order. But don’t worry, if you need it in urgent basis, we can do it so. We have same day folded leaflet printing options available for you. This is the cheapest flyer printing online service in London. Please mention your delivery time while ordering.

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As an example, our folded leaflets are available in a variety of finishes, including single or double-sided lamination in either a gloss or a matte finish. You can even choose to forego laminating entirely. Soft, modern effects are achieved by laminating with a matte finish. Gloss lamination provides a higher-quality shine finish than printing on gloss paper alone, and it is less expensive. Lamination is particularly beneficial when working with solid colours or pictures to bring out their brilliance, or when you want to prevent your printed leaflets from being torn or damaged.

You can submit a single PDF file that is a two-page flat spread. This is what your job will look like after it is completed. Just keep in mind to double-check where your folds are. Alternatively, we accept multi-page PDF files that have all of the pages in the proper running order, and we will impose the pages into flat spreads that are ready for printing.

Yes, this is quite crucial when it comes to creating leaflets. Please allow at least 3mm of bleed on both sides.

In a word, yes. You will need to leave a 5mm “Safe Area” from the edge of the page to accommodate this. If you are unclear about the layout and size of the document you are working with, you may use our free templates to guide you through the process.

Every day of the year, we at Promitech strive to keep our rates as competitive as possible. Prices do vary depending on a variety of criteria, including: quantity, materials, sizes, attachments, and shipping choices, among others.

Folded flyers, in the same way that posters, newsletters, booklets, and banners may serve as advertisements, can be a more complete format for keeping both existing and new consumers informed about your product offers, discounts, and events.

Turnaround timeframes for our printed folded leaflets are available in a variety of lengths. Depending on the specifics of the folded leaflets and the shipping method chosen, this might take anywhere from one day to several weeks to arrive. However, it is rare for it to take more than 7 days to complete. But we have same day folded leaflet printing and delivery service as well. If you need urgently please mention while ordering.

If you include a discount or offer that is only available for a limited time, you can track the success of your leaflet. The number of times your discount code was used may be tracked down using the information you provided.

In the same way, including a QR barcode that people can scan with their smartphones and tablets can help you get noticed. As an interactive method of engaging readers, you can track their usage to see how many times visitors scan them and are driven to a particular web page.

You will also be able to determine whether or not there has been a rise in emails, phone calls, or website traffic as a result of an advertising campaign. For more insight into your client base, you may want to implement a registration procedure or conduct a survey to supplement this. Naturally, whether through a survey or over the phone, you may ask a question such as “how did you hear about us?” to discover more about your customers’ experiences.