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Personalized Compliment Slips in London

Compliment Slip

Personalized compliment slips are an excellent method to express gratitude while also enhancing your company’s image. Use customized compliment cards to convey your appreciation for a customer’s order or schedule an appointment so that your clients associate all of those positive feelings with your company! By definition, compliments slips allow you to express your appreciation to another person or to enclose other things that have been offered with “your compliments.”

Compliment slips, which take up the third of an A4 sheet of paper, are an excellent substitute for letterhead when you need to send a less formal remark or if you want an easier way to enclose an item without having to bother about drafting a formal letter. If sending a card to a client or customer appears excessive or improper, you may also use a compliment slip to send a quick word of thanks for their business or put anything else you would want to include on the label. Compliment slip printing is most commonly used as an enclosure for other materials (for example, when sending out brochures to clients). It provides you with an easy and effective way to increase your brand awareness by spreading your name and branding elements (such as your logo), in addition to providing an informal note of appreciation to your client, customer, or colleagues. It is most commonly used as an enclosure for other materials (for example, when sending out brochures to clients). A compliment slip, like a letterheaded document, provides you with a simple and easy way of providing your contact information to someone if it is enclosed with other materials. You are not required to write anything on it if you do not wish to; the pre-printed message of “with compliments” can be sufficient in some cases.

Compliment Slip Style and Finish

The style and finish of your compliment slip, like the design and quality of other corporate stationery, may help set the tone and image you leave with your customer or client – and this can be both positive and negative. This is why our compliment slips are always printed on smooth premium paper with a thickness of 120GSM, nearly twice as thick as the regular copier paper used in most printers today. This demonstrates to them that you are concerned about your company and aids in creating a positive first impression with the person who receives your branded stationery. For those who want to position themselves as an even more premium company that provides high-end products or services, they can have their compliment slips printed on 160GSM paper, which will make the piece feel the even more excellent quality, or they can have them recycled, which will give the impression that you are concerned not only about your business, but also about the environment, to further establish their position. While there is no way to account for individual design preferences, one thing that is always undeniable is how the paper feels compared to something you would typically handle daily. Someone who takes a lot of writing would notice the difference, which would draw their attention and cause them to think more about your company.

Compliment Slip Design


Create it on your own

It is 105mm x 216mm in finished size, including bleed, for this print item. For further instructions on preparing this for printing, please see our artwork and design center for more information.


Take advantage of free templates

After you’ve added this item to your basket, click on “customize a free template” to explore our entire collection of design templates for it. Do you want to start from the ground up and build something? Also available is the option, to begin with, a blank template, allowing you to create a design from the ground up.

Following the Creation of A Design

Proof Reading

Our online proofing tool will check for typical errors and provide a “proof” — all you have to do now is check and approve this proof to complete your transaction! Alternatively, if you are experiencing difficulties with the online proofing tool, please send your artwork to after purchasing, and we will respond as soon as possible. Before going to print, every piece of artwork is double-checked by our studio team. Are you unsure about how to arrange your artwork? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Artworker team at, and we will be pleased to assist you.

Unique ID Number

This is an item code that we will need to use for each order of this compliment slip, which allows us to link your compliment slips together when you are ordering a large quantity. It should be included on the ‘Order Comments’ section in the checkout process (ignore this step if you do not plan on purchasing more compliment slips). Please do NOT include this anywhere else as it could lead to problems at print time.

Compliment Slip Features

Our compliment slips are pre-loaded with the following features as standard:

●Choose from a variety of weights, including 120gsm, 160gsm, and recyclable stationery paper.

●Choose from hundreds of designs and customize them to suit your needs.

●Within 24 hours after making an order, your product will be printed and shipped.

●Uploading your artwork, pictures, or logos is entirely free.

●Use of a free QR code generator as well as stock logos

●Single-sided Compliment Slips that are guaranteed to be laser-printed

●VAT is included in all of the pricing on this website (where applicable)

●The standard UK size is 210 x 99mm (one-third of an A4).
As an addition to the characteristics listed above, we also have the following options available:

●Printing and dispatching on the same day, with delivery the following working day (Express option & ordered before 2 pm Mon-Fri).

●Delivery before midnight the following day after same-day print and dispatch (Express Plus option & ordered before 2 pm Mon-Fri).

●There are several quantities available, ranging from 100 to 5,000.

Delivery Details

Standard Turnaround Time

If you approve your order by 6:30 pm, we will ship it out for delivery the following business day. Following that, delivery will take an additional working day. For example, if you authorized your order by 6:30 pm on a Monday, we would ship it out on Tuesday and deliver it to you the following Wednesday.

The turnaround in a Hurry

Are you in a hurry? Express turnaround is available on this product – select this option, and your print will be sent the very following working day, as long as you approve the order by 5 pm the previous evening.

The turnaround in Terms of Value

If you’re not in a hurry, why not take advantage of our value turnaround option and save some money? Choosing this option will delay your order’s completion by one working day, but it will lower the overall cost of your order. The delivery of your package will take an additional working day if your delivery address is in one of the postcodes listed on our delivery information page as being in an extended area.

Delivery Cost

At the time of purchase, you will have the option to choose between the following delivery options: In the case of small orders to fit through a letterbox, you will have the option to select our Royal Mail 1st Class delivery service for £2.99. Deliveries are tracked by DPD and are included in our standard delivery cost of £4.99 (UK). For an additional £9.99, you can upgrade to DPD pre-noon delivery. Orders above £75 qualify for free standard delivery.

Frequently Asked Question

If you have a design that is already complete, it’s now worth checking it against the compliment slip template.

For example, if your compliment slip needs to be 52mm high and 216mm wide (including bleed), you should insert your artwork into your compliment slip with these values – or as close to them as possible.

How easy will this compliment slip be to print? Check how closely your compliment card matches up with the compliment slip template we provide by uploading it to our Instant Preview for approval before placing an order! For help on which formats are best for different products, please see our recommended file types section.

For larger compliment slips, we recommend a minimum of 300dpi. If the resolution is lower than this, it could cause problems with printing. Please be careful not to crop your compliment slip down to size if your artwork exceeds the compliment slip template, as there may be white areas where you have done this which will not print well.

A bleed extends outside of the compliment card (in other words, into its edges) by about 5mm all around — so that when it is printed and cut-to-size, there is no risk of any wasted paper in those cutting areas. A trim goes inside your compliment slip’s edges by about 3mm: again, this way, there’s no risk of any wasted paper in the cutting areas.

A bleed is usually recommended for compliment slip designs. However, you can still use a compliment card without bleeds if you prefer! However, if this is the case, there will be white space surrounding your compliment card — and it will also mean that we cannot guarantee that your compliment slips to match up with each other (for which we recommend using compliment cards with bleeds).

Every form of paper is available, whether you want something for everyday notes and messages to your clients, something with more weight suited for all types of communications, or something with a more premium feel. Please browse our selection to find the perfect paper type for your needs.

It’s an excellent choice if you want a high-quality product that works with a limited budget; it’s also a great choice if you’re going to jot down some notes for your consumers. Our classic uncoated (120gsm) paper is best suited to individuals who like to add notes within parcels sent out or as a small thank you if they purchase in your store.

Have a little more money to spend and want something that looks and feels a little more expensive? You’ll find just what you’re seeking in our superior uncoated (160gsm) material. This paper is ideal for compliment slips delivered to returning customers or for use in packaging with high-ticket items to add a sense of luxury to the presentation.

You may put your message on them with no issue because all of our customized ‘with compliments slips are printed on uncoated paper, which means you’ll always get smudge-free writing every time.

You may expect an excellent voyage from the instant print headquarters to your home once you have completed your transaction. The moment your design reaches our team, it goes through our unique and rigorous 10-point quality check procedure, which ensures that everything is flawless before your design is sent to the printing team.

Once it has arrived on the manufacturing floor, it will be sent to be printed on one of our outstanding and technologically advanced machines.

We’ve done everything we can to make the ordering and uploading procedure as painless and straightforward as possible for you. When you place your chosen compliment slip in your shopping cart, you’ll be invited to upload your artwork to complete the transaction. Alternatively, if you’re stocking up on all of your company stationery and want to continue shopping, you can upload your artwork into your basket at a later date.

Do you need your new compliment slips printed as soon as possible? Orders approved before 6:30 pm will be despatched the same day for delivery the following business day. Delivery will take one additional working day. For example, if you authorized your order by 6:30 pm on a Monday, we would ship it out on Tuesday and deliver it to you the following Wednesday.

Is there no design? Could you not get too worked up about it? In our online template library, we have a variety of company compliment slip styles to choose from.

Do you require assistance in getting started? Not many people are aware that we also have blank templates available. We offer free blank templates that you can use to begin designing your compliment slips in Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, or Word. Download our blank templates and start bringing your ideas to life right away.