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High-Quality NCR Printing Services in London

NCR Printing

The acronym NCR Printing in the printing industry stands for No Carbon Required; this is a particular type of paper that is the modern-day replacement to the old fashioned and messy blue carbon paper used to make duplicates, usually found in invoices and order pads. With NCR paper, there is no mess at all; the back of the first sheet is coated with micro-encapsulated dye. Then, the face of the second sheet is covered with clay that quickly reacts with the paint to form a permanent mark.

NCR Paper History & Facts

The history of NCR printing (no carbon required) has its roots going as far back as 1866 when Chester Felt invented what he referred to as “carbonless” or ” no-carbon” paper.

This was the first of many attempts to create a more efficient and environmentally friendly replacement for carbon paper in use since 1869.

However, it wasn’t until 1950 that Chester Felt’s invention would become available on the commercial market by a company called U.S. Carbonless Company (USCC), where once again under a different name, it was reintroduced as NCR paper by USCC and marketed as a cost-effective solution to duplicate documents without having to use messy blue carbon paper.

NCR Paper Facts: – The acronym NCR stands for “No Carbon Required”. – No one is sure who invented the modern-day equivalent of NCR paper. Still, countless patents from various inventors over several decades lead to today’s modern NCR paper. – Chester Felt is, however, often credited with inventing the first NCR type of paper in 1866; this carbonless form of paper was known simply as “carbonless” or “no-carbon” paper.

Genuine NCR printing online

Today there are dozens and dozens of companies worldwide that manufacture NCR Printing (No carbon required ) papers, but only a few large companies make them made into rolls or pads for commercial use. These manufacturers include Huber Engineered Papers, Flint Group Omya™, Cascades Tissue Group Inc., and Georgia Pacific Corporation.

NCR Printing paper is made with a micro-encapsulated dye on the back of the first sheet and clay that reacts with the paint to form a permanent mark on the face of the second sheet. A printing company can use the NCR Printing paper for printing invoices, cheques etc., using supported printers only [ not at home ]. To use it, print your information onto the NCR paper, then place another piece over it, transferring your info from one to another.

The Clay coating that makes up part of the NCR technology can also be applied to non-paper media to produce an image when used with thermal laser or inkjet printer technologies. This type of product is referred to as NCR Transfer Film or NCR Thermal Transfer Film. You have probably come across this type of product in the packaging departments when shopping, as it is commonly used for barcodes and other package labelling needs.

Bonus with NCR Printing

The manufacturer of NCR paper claims that their products will take writing on both sides and can be reused up to 40 times. This makes them a very cost-effective alternative compared to using standard copy paper. It also makes it convenient for use at home if you need to print an invoice from your computer and don’t want the hassle of having to retype the same information every time. In addition, because there is no toner involved, there is no need for special equipment when printing from home.

NCR paper is often found in invoice pads and order computer paper; it is also available in your favourite stationery company’s catalogues. It offers a modern alternative to the traditional blue carbon copy that we have become so accustomed to using, plus it has many more benefits! So if you find yourself having to write multiple copies of your letter or invoice, for whatever reason, then don’t waste time fiddling around with the old fashioned carbon copy routine; NCR print online could potentially save you both money and time.

Commonly, NCR paper is used in the same pads (also known as NCR Pads in the printing business) when the user demands multiple copies of what is being written immediately. For example, an invoice or receipt pad where the corporation retains one copy and the client receives the other. Aside from that, it is frequently used as an agreement form. The customer signs and agrees to Terms & Conditions or similar documents, allowing the company and the customer to retain a signed copy.

Printing on NCP Paper is possible in a single colour, spot colour, or full-colour, which means that your pad or book may be customized to include your company’s logo, contact information, and any custom forms or layouts that you may require. The use of personalized NCR printing to match the design of your existing business stationery will ensure consistency across your brand.

In addition, it will give your customers a professional impression of your company. When it comes time to re-order something, most individuals check for a previous invoice or receipt, which serves as a terrific reminder of your business and services to your client/customer.

In most cases, NCR paper is supplied in pads that are attached to one edge, allowing all copies to be removed simultaneously. Perhaps you would prefer them as books that are stapled, spine-taped, and perforated, allowing you to leave the composition of the document in the book for safe storage. In most cases, loose sets are provided in either unassembled, as is often the case when overprinting with an office printer is required, or they can be glued together to form loose sets.

The usage of continuous forms is also possible. However, they are not utilized as frequently as they previously were. Instead, endless forms are supplied with detachable sprocket holes on either side and fed through a dot matrix printer.

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Types of NCR Printing

NCR Paper Sets

Our NCR Paper is available in 2-part, 3-part, and 4-part sets and is ideal for use in receipts, delivery notes, and invoices, among other applications. Fully colour-printed on a digital press in full-bleed and glued along one edge for hassle-free completion at work or on the go. Receipts, delivery notes, and invoices printed on NCR paper are dependable choices for your business. They are helpful for small and medium-sized organizations and more giant corporations as a backup to their digital counterparts. We glue our NCR sets along the top so that you may complete them without difficulty, whether you’re in the office or out on the road. It is possible to have duplicate printing paper customized with your company’s logo, name, and contact information. They are available in full colour, in A4, A5, A6, and DL sizes, with or without numbering in black ink, and in various other configurations to meet your needs. For your second, third, and fourth pages, you can choose any combination of blue, yellow, pink, green, and white.

NCR Pads Printing

NCR Pads with a cardboard backing and glued along the top are available with or without black numbering, making them suitable for use on the road. Our custom NCR Pads are made of 50 sheets of paper with a choice of 4-part, 3-part, or 2-part NCR pads. Add your company’s logo to create a personalized duplicate pad. Traditional NCR pads are an excellent choice for writing invoices, orders, and delivery notes since they are dependable. So whether you’re a small business seeking a duplication solution or a larger organization looking for a backup solution for your digital solutions, we have an answer. NCR is an abbreviation for “no carbon required,” and with our NCR pads, you won’t have to worry about inserting a sheet of carbon copy paper between each page. This makes them far more convenient to use and makes them ideal for finishing on the go. There is no need to fuss with pages; fill out the form, and you will have two or three copies ready to go in no time. In addition, it is possible to order duplicate and triplicate pads. These pads, customized with your logo, company name, and contact information in full-colour digital print, are available. Our NCR Pads are made up of 50 NCR paper glued together at the top with a cardboard backing, making them suitable for travelling. You can choose between A6, DL, A5, and A4 sizes and whether or not to use black numbering on the left side of the page. The numbering will be done sequentially, starting with the first pad and ending with the last place. So, for example, Pad 1 would have numbers 1-50; Pad 2 would have numbers 51-101, and so on.

NCR Books

NCR Books are perfect for use as invoice or receipt books since they may customize them. With 50 sheets of paper (numbered or unnumbered), a cover, and cardboard backing stitched along the left-hand side to produce a robust 4, 3 or 2 part invoice book that can be used over and over, this invoice book is an excellent investment. Traditional NCR invoice books are unbeatable when it comes to providing a dependable method of creating duplicates. As a result, the use of carbonless books is ideal for all general transaction recording, whether you’re seeking a backup solution if your digital solutions fail or for smaller businesses searching for a straightforward answer. Each of our NCR Books contains 50 sets of 2-part or 3-part NCR paper, in addition to an unprinted 350gsm uncoated cover, a writing shield, and a fixed grey pulp backing board, all of which are sewn and taped together for durability. Pages are perforated to make it simple to remove them. Printed in full-colour digital print with your company logo, name and contact details in A4, A5, DL or A6 sizes, numbered (in black only) or unnumbered and customized with your company logo, name and contact details in full-colour digital print, these invoice books and receipt books are ideal for personalization.

Frequently Asked Question

NCR is an abbreviation that stands for No Carbon Required. It’s paper that can be used for personalized duplicate invoice books, but it’s carbonless, unlike the olden days when you had to use messy blue carbon paper to do stuff like that. To help you create invoices and receipts while on the go, we provide NCR Printing in various configurations.

You can add any information on your NCR prints that you desire duplicate copies of; however, we recommend you include your brand colours and logo as a regular feature.

Make extensive use of your branding and logo to ensure that you are recognized, and that brand recognition is increased and generate a more established vibe. However, it is especially critical when using NCR printing to ensure that your consumers know the source of their invoices and receipts and that they have faith in your validity.

Our Books come with a cover and a cardboard backing, making them the most durable option available. In addition, the pages are stitched together and have a perforated edge to make it easier to remove them from the binder.

Glued along the top of the pad with a cardboard backing, these pads are great for creating a backup of your digital invoices.

Once upon a time, the only way to get an exact copy of a document rapidly was to write on plain paper with a piece of carbon paper underneath it, which was then placed atop yet another piece of plain paper. As a result of the pressure applied to the ordinary top sheet, the carbon was imprinted onto the sheet below it, resulting in a replica being created instantly.

Unfortunately, carbon paper was expensive. The procedure was time-consuming and complicated until paper producers developed a unique piece that did the same purpose as carbon paper but were less costly and less time-consuming to produce. NCR, which stands for “No Carbon Required,” is an awe-inspiring term given to this piece of writing.

Setting glue is applied to the needed edge of NCR paper after work has been printed onto the various parts of NCR paper. This automatically splits the NCR into the numerous sets that are required. It is a highly clever glue in that it recognizes when one set begins and when another set ends. Unfortunately, it accomplishes this by responding to the various coatings on the NCR paper, proving that it is not nearly as sophisticated as it appears!

After being glued together into sets, our NCR pads (both 2 part and 3 part) are placed in a padding press where they are glued on either the top edge or the side using a PVC adhesive. Even though the glue holds them together, the individual sets can be readily taken apart for filing. Each pad has 50 separate locations and has a durable base board. It also comes with a card writing shield for writing on cards.

The NCR sets included within the pad can be numbered pads, and conditions can be displayed on the opposite side of the places.

For those who do not already have print-ready artwork, we can provide you with a professional and affordable in-house design service that may be used in conjunction with our NCR printing service, if desired. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, following which we will provide you with an incredibly competitive price.

The designs on our NCR pads are entirely customizable and can include:

  • Your company logo.
  • Contact information.
  • A form or table.
  • Anything else you may require.

They are ideal for use as delivery notes, invoices, order pads, receipt pads, or any other forms where you may require a duplicate, triplicate, or quadruplicate copies.

You can customize products from us to meet your specific needs. They are commonly used as invoice books and receipt pads, school accident forms, trash transfer notes, hazardous waste notes, gas safety records, and other similar applications.

The customer can customize them with a logo, contact information, a form or table of some sort, and a spot for a signature; some even have terms and conditions printed on the reverse side of the document. Thus, they are particularly well suited to any circumstance where the user demands numerous copies of what is being written in real-time.