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Protect Your Business with Durable Awnings and Canopies in London

What Kind of Awnings and Canopies are Available?

All of our canopies, blinds, and awnings are made in London. We can offer top-quality products at reasonable prices. This is how we deliver functional products on time and exceed client expectations. These systems can be used for residential and commercial applications. The following products are available from our range: 1. Traditional Victorian Awnings 2. Retractable Awnings 3. Open Cassette Awning 4. Conservatory Awnings 5. Full Cassette Awning 6. Drop Arm Blind 7. Gateway Canopies 8. Wedge Canopies 9. Patio Awnings

Traditional Victorian Awnings

Our Victorian Awnings are made with the same methods used by blind makers in the 1800s. We can guarantee your restaurant or business will be lavishly stylish and atheistically appealing to the naked eye. The barrels and arms are custom-made to suit the available space for the structure they will be placed on. As a customer, you can select the colour you'd like to see on your case, your front lath, as well as the fabric to be covered by the awning you've chosen. The Victorian awnings are constructed in minor details utilising traditional techniques. Because of that, we can ensure that both are incredibly long-lasting and trendy.

Conservatory Awnings

Conservatory awnings can be placed in or out of the Conservatory; conservatory awnings and their distinctive fabrics reflect and block out the harmful sun's rays in summer. They can also provide an insulation layer during winter. They allow you to manage the light and heat of the preferred room in your home. With remote control, the retractable conservatory awning can be shut and opened with one touch. Furthermore, the sun and heat sensors could be programmed to open and close the awning when you're not home.

Retractable Awnings

Do you want to be able to control the sun, snow, rain or wind, but not your view? This may sound like a crazy idea, but with Promitech's awnings, you can accomplish exactly that. Our wide selection of styles and colours and custom-designed retractable awnings will allow you to make the most of your space at home or in the office. Dream up your awning design. It's as easy as that.

Open Cassette Awning

Open cassette awnings are a go-to selection that will suit your restaurant, shop, café or home. We have various colours, models, fabrics, and finishes. Our awnings can transform your restaurant or cafe into a beautiful spot to eat; it lets you pamper your guests with a vast seating area surrounded by fresh air and a place to relax and take in delicious food.

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