Same Day Foamex board Printing

Foamex board is a lightweight but rigid material for installations for indoor displays or outdoor product use. We offer Same Day Foamex board Printing services, and we can print Foamex signboards for you same day. Foam core signs are also known as Foamex signs, Foamed PVC Sign Boards, which provide excellent stability and rigidity to your graphical product with foam core. Foamex board is a rigid, durable, lightweight, and flexible sheet widely used in retail signage printing.

Same Day Foamex board Printing

Same Day Foamex board Printing Gallery

Having a good reputation for their strength and durability and are often used in trade show displays. Foamex Sign Boards are ideal option for both indoor displays and outdoor graphics applications. PVC Foamex Board is a great option to use Same Day Foamex board Printing services. Foam core boards are available in two types Foam, Polystyrene Foam, and Expanded Polystyrene Foam. Foamed PVC Foam Boards used for Same Day Foamex board Printing have three layers of material: paper, foam, and adhesive film on the face of the signboard, which protects the graphic during the installation process.

There are many occasions when you need to get your message out there in a creative way. Same Day Foamex board Printing is the perfect choice for any advertising, marketing, or educational project. Same Day Foamex board Printing services provide Customers can easily install an inexpensive means of producing signage on walls, posts, and doors on any indoor or outdoor structure.

Foamex Signs London

A Same Day Foamex board printing is when a company has their printed boards delivered to the printer on the day that they are needed for production. This can be done with either digital or physical boards.

Perfect for Events, Exhibitions and Retail

Foamex board signs are perfect for Events, Exhibitions and Retail that offers a lot of information on the topic of marketing events. Foamex sign is best for temporary use and mobile as well so that it can easily be replaced or removed from display.

Foamex board printing

Weatherproof Same Day Foamex board Printing provides a cost-effective way of updating indoor or outdoor signage. Foam core boards are lightweight and rigid sheets widely used in signage printing due to their strength and durability, which will last a long time.

Foam-core boards come in a range of thicknesses – 3mm, 5mm, and 10 mm. Matt, gloss, or dry wipe laminate options are also available to give your sign extra protection. Boards are supplied at a maximum sheet size of 8x4ft (2438x1219mm); any Same Day Foamex board Printing orders larger than this will be split into sections.

Foamex board suppliers near me

Promitech Print and signs operating from Mile End Road, London, United Kingdom is successfully supplying Same Day Foamex board Printing and day delivery for years with good reputation of printing quality product and retail signage making quality brings the company on top in Foamex printing company list in London.

Foamex is a PVC board that is both hard and lightweight for foam board signs, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. These characteristics are particularly popular for use as a background for signage, artwork, and displays.

Foam board printing services in smooth surface makes format printing on it a breeze, and as a consequence, both poster prints photographs and text come out beautifully. It’s also possible to print on both sides of the page, giving you even more creative options.

If you need something that can be attached to various surfaces in custom sizes, Foamex will do the trick. Foamex board suppliers Cut Plastic Sheeting can offer Foamex in 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm thicknesses cut to your specific size specifications.

Same day Foamex board printing: what we do, why we do it and the impact we have

“Promitech Print and sign” has been providing print foamex board printing services since 2012. Based in London, UK, We are fast becoming one of the top firms offering Same Day Foamex Board Printing Services. Our Same Day Foamex Board printing services are ideal for business or promotional requirement and we aim to be quick and efficient. We use high quality ink and paper so the prints on the foam board is vibrant and sharp.

The impact we have had on Same Day Foam Board Printing industry:

As we pioneered Same Day Foam Board Printing, Same Day Foamex Board printing, Same Day Foam Board printing services in London. We have spent many years building our knowledge in Same day foam board printing industry to its current level. Our Same day Foam Board Printing service is ideal for business or promotional requirement and we aim to be quick and efficient.

Fast turnaround on Same Day Foamex Printing in London

It is a private sector initiative to provide fast turnaround on Same Day Foamex printing in London, UK. Our Same day Foamex printing services include Same day Foamex board printing and Same day Foamex Flexi Printing for same day delivery of your requirements – print as early as today! The company serves the corporate clients, who are looking for Same day Foamex board printing service.

Most of the Same day Foamex board printing work is done using UV ink. We use special inks which are very suitable for Same day Foamex board printing with the use of sophisticated equipment that provides accurate Same day Foamex board printing services. There are three parameters that need to be taken into account when you are looking for Same day Foamex board printing: Same day Foamex board printing cost, Same day Foamex board printing time and Same day Foamex board printing quality.

24-7 open, delivery today is no problem

You may find us on google or if you want, you may visit our office physically at Mile End Road, East London. You may call us or email us 24 hour 7 days including bank holidays and weekends. Our 24-hour hotline available to answer your queries. We are the cheapest and quick responded team helping customer queries every day. Trust me you will not find any better price than us in London.

Quality Professional Same Day Foamex Board Printing Services

We print Ready Made Same Day Foamex Boards with various sizes and thickness of foam board 5mm,3mm,1.5mm and 1mm Foam Board for Same day Printing. Same day print on Foamex boards or Custom Same Day Print on Foam Boards or Same Day Foamboard printing is a perfect way to promote your business events with our range of foam boards in any size you need. Same day Foamex board printing is perfect for exhibitions, product launches or any other promotional purposes. Same Day Foam Printing is known as Same day Foamex printing.

We print on custom foam boards sizes and more than 1000+ designs of photo book, Same Day Foamex board printing, Same day printed Foam Boards and we can deliver all over UK on Same day. With Same Day Foam Printing, you can get your custom printed foam board order in no time. We do Same day Foamex printing on premium high-density boards. Same day Foam printing tends to be popular for events.

Same Day Foam Board Printing Service – Foamex

Are you looking for Same Day Foamboard Printing? Think of Foamex. 

Foamex is light in weight, smooth in surface and suitable for high-quality image production. It is made up of polyurethane foam core and it is available in various thicknesses. We at Same Day Printing Offer Same Day Foamboard Printing Service in UK. Same Day Foamboard Printing is ideal for shop signs and exhibition displays. Due to its unique qualities, Same Day Foamex board Printing Service has become a popular choice in the market.

Our Same Day Print products are printed on a highly durable billboard grade Polyurethane foam core board material, which is flame retardant, waterproof and fully recyclable. They can be recycled or disposed of by common means used for disposing other non-biodegradable wastes such as plastic. Same day Foamex board printing is ideal for POS displays, shop signs and hoardings.

For speed and quality Same Day print ensures that the boards are carefully prepared before printing using a variety of methods. Same Day Foamex board Printing Service is ideal for billboards, menu boards and exhibition display. Same day Foamex board printing adds individuality and beauty to your shop signs and hoardings. Same day Foamex board printing gives you maximum flexibility of designing and also save on time and cost as it can be used for printing photographs or graphics directly onto boards. Same day Foamex board Printing is safe for children of all ages as the ink used on Same Day Print products are suitable for use with food items which makes Same Day Foamex board Printing ideal for menu boards, schoolwork and craft activities.

Same Day Foamex Board Printing: Best Practices and Reasons Why

Why use Foamex board?

Create a One-of-a-Kind Shape

It’s simple to trim to size. Foamex can be cut to any size. This indicates that it is a versatile substance that is simple to utilise, set into place, and so on. We understand that our clients have different demands, so if you want cost-effective signage that isn’t limited to a specific size or shape, Foamex is a fantastic option.

Shaped to order. Do you want to do something unusual to make your company stand out? Foamex board can also be cut to custom forms.

Various thicknesses are available. Because of the thickness fluctuation, you can choose a sign with more rigidity.


Cost-effective. Every company, big or little, is conscious of its marketing budget and, as a result, will seek a cost-effective solution for signage, display panels, and other such items. Foamex board is a terrific cost-effective investment that will last a long time in most scenarios. Interior signs, for example, can last three to five years; the content, on the other hand, has a shorter lifespan than the Foamex sign.

A less expensive alternative to more prevalent signage materials. Foamex is a less expensive alternative to plywood and other specialty materials, allowing you to stretch your budget further.

Transportable + Displayable

It’s simple to fix. The 3mm and 5mm thick Foamex boards can be mounted to interior walls using Velcro if you’re seeking for moveable signs or panels. Fixing other boards to walls, doors, and poles is straightforward. Simply use surface-appropriate fasteners. Drilling holes in Foamex is simple and can be used to mend practically anything!

Lightweight. Using these boards does not have to be a two-person task. Because they are easy to handle, many of our customers order these as advertising and promotional boards.

Full-color print that is fade-resistant and of high quality. This final element, we believe, speaks for itself!

Cons of Foamex

Foamex has a few drawbacks. It’s pointless to pretend that it’s a material that can do anything and everything. If you do so, you risk not selecting the best material for the project.

Outside, it doesn’t last as long. The weather is inclement. Weather can easily get ‘under the skin’ of the Foamex sign, from scorching sun to roaring gales and pouring rain. Consider outdoor banners made of a thicker material ideal for outdoor use if you want cost-effective but versatile outside signage.

They have the ability to warp. Choosing the proper Foamex board thickness is critical to your signage’s ability to perform what you need it to do. Just because something is ‘temporary’ or only intended for a single usage doesn’t imply it can’t be of high quality. Foamex boards that are thinner (3mm) can easily distort, which is not a nice look for any brand.

Foamex board 8x4

Foamex printing company providing same Day Foamex board Printing in wide format is a cost-effective and versatile way to promote your business or event. Foamex Sign Printing A2 Size Directly Printed with the Latest UV Inks.

Size: 420mm by 594mm.

There are three thicknesses available: 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm Additional lamination choices are available: matte or gloss.

Uses for Foamex Board

  • Retail Displays

  • Exhibitions, galleries, and museums can benefit from this type of signage.

  • Signage for hospitals, shops, and billboards for advertising.

  • Signage and safety boards for construction sites and picture backgrounds for company logos

  • Table layouts for weddings and other social events.

  • Boards on various social networking platforms and photo galleries.

  • Panels for promoting products and services.

  • Menus at restaurants that are too rigid.

    The point of sale, temporary signage, Catalog magazine stands, magazine trash bins, leaflet trays, and much more are available from Promitech. Make sure everyone knows about your next campaign, promotion, or event. A Same Day Foamex board Printing company uses UV inks and waterproof boards. Foamex signage printed in full color are our specialty.

Foamex vs. Foam board

Which foam sheet to use?

Foamex correx printing and foam-core (also known as “Foam Board” or sometimes “Foamalite”) are two similar but not identical materials. They are both foamed plastics – foamed plastic is just what it sounds like; plastic foamed with bubbles (although very small bubbles).

The foaming process makes both materials much lighter than the same thickness of solid PVC, but Foamex is about 30% lighter as it has a higher proportion of air in its structure. In some cases, this can be an advantage if the material will have to travel any distance by courier, as a cubic meter of foamex weighs about 1.8kg versus 2.8kg for foamed PVC.

In summary:

Foam-core is the better board if:

It would be best if you had maximum rigidity for your display stand or display mount.

You want a whiteboard to use as a smooth writing surface.

You can supply your hanging hardware as you don’t have to worry about drilling screw holes in the foam board surface.

Foamex is the better board if:

You want a smoother display or writing surface than foamed PVC.

Your application involves heat-producing equipment such as a soldering iron, as foamed PVC will slowly melt (and becomes permanently deformed) if it is too close to any heat source.

You need a less expensive alternative, as foamex costs about 30% less than foamed PVC board.

What other differences are there?

Unfortunately, other suppliers make up for the lower price of foamex by using thicker foams, so the effective cost of foamex is not 30% less than foamed PVC. However, foamex also has its advantages over foamed PVC. The smooth surface makes it easier to write on.

Foamex is almost odorless (unlike foamed PVC, which smells like a new shower curtain for a few months until it has been aired). It doesn’t “creep” – this is a property of foamed PVC where the board can lose rigidity over time, becoming floppy.

Foamex is not easily penetrated by sharp objects, unlike foamed PVC, which can be easily punctured. Although foamex is more rigid than foamed PVC, anyone can still manipulate it; foamed PVC cannot be shaped with conventional heated-bending equipment (although some bending tools designed for foamex are available).

A word of warning

If you choose to use foamex instead of foamed PVC, remember that foamex is only half the weight. Make sure all your fixings are suitable for this lighter-weight material, or you will severely weaken your materials.

For example, if you have to use counterweights on a foamed PVC display stand so it doesn’t topple over in a constant breeze (yes, this has happened), you are better off using foamed PVC because its greater weight will make it more stable.

Frequently Asked Question

Where to have a foamex printing near me?

Welcome to our digital printers, Promitech print and sign from Mile End Road, a print shop who are producing custom Same Day Foamex board Printing near me service for more than 1 decade. We operate our operation 24/7 days including bank holidays. 

What exactly foamex is?

Foamex is a PVC sheet that has been extruded and has a printed surface on one side. This substance’s flat, hard, and smooth surfaces are due to the material’s molecular structure. Because of the flexibility of foamex, it can be manufactured into virtually any form while maintaining its strength.

Is it possible for me to have my artwork printed on foamex?

Yes, you may have foamex printed with your artwork and photos on them. We do online custom Same Day Foamex board Printing order for each customer, using artwork that is unique to them.

What is the purpose of foamex signs?

Foam boards are ideal for use in any stiff display application. This might be used for company promotions, point-of-purchase displays, presentations, exhibition panels, and general signage, among other things. Private applications might be for ornamentation. Among the options are printing photographs of your loved ones or creating personalized art to hang in your house or business.

What method do you use to print your foamex signage?

Our foam signs are produced in a large format using environmentally friendly inks. Increased color depth, water resistance, and scratch resistance are all provided by these links. They also have a minimal smell, which helps to decrease the environmental effect of the manufacturing process.

What factors should I consider while selecting the size of my foam boards?

Our online foamex sign calculator is ideal for obtaining immediate pricing information. Enter the height and breadth of the print area and the print options and quantity for pricing. We have foam board sizes that will meet most of your needs. We have A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, and A0 foam board sizes available.

What kinds of cutting choices do you have available for your foam boards?

Our foamex boards are available in three different cuts: square cut, radius cut (rounded edges), and custom radius cut (into shapes of our choice).

What is the best way to display my A4 foam signs?

Making holes in all four corners of foam signs and attaching them with nails or screws is the most straightforward method of displaying them. Alternatively, Fixer can use metal hooks to hang the display above the level of the viewer’s shoulders. Because of its lightweight construction may also be attached to a suitable surface using Velcro or adhesive if necessary. If you want to make the sign more sturdy, you may attach it to a piece of plywood or particleboard. This will aid in keeping the board’s form and protecting it.

What is the maximum size of my board?

Nothing restricts the size of your board; there are no size limitations imposed. On the other hand, boards are only available in a maximum sheet size of 8 x 4ft (2438mm x 1219mm). Orders for foam board printing that are bigger than this will be divided into pieces.

What is the thickness of Foamex board?

Foamex board is available in three thicknesses: 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm.

What is the resolution at which you print Foamex boards?

We print all-foam signs at a high resolution of 1440dpi in full color on high-quality vinyl.

When drilling holes into your Foamex boards, what method do you use?

Drill holes are drilled 20mm in from the corners, with a 6mm drill bit being used for the job. Please make sure that any critical information on your artwork does not appear in these sections.

Is it possible to have Foamex boards cut to a certain shape?

Yes! We ask that you include cut paths with your artwork file so that our cutter knows where to go with it. It is also necessary that your artwork and intended form be acceptable for Foamex; nevertheless, we will always advise you if this is not the case.

What is antimicrobial laminate, and how does it work?

According to the manufacturer, protect yourself and those around you with this new laminate film, which provides more than 99.99 percent protection against germs, parasites, and fungus. It contains zinc pyrithione, an antibacterial ingredient that is extremely efficient in combating bacteria. It is particularly well suited for use in areas where high cleanliness levels are required, such as retail, public transportation, healthcare, education, hospitality, and events.

  • It is effective against bacteria, fungus, and parasites.
  • Over 99.99 percent efficacy has been demonstrated.
  • Protection is guaranteed for three years.
  • Heavy-duty and abrasive cleaning is not a problem for this material.

Which is the best foamex printer near me?

Promitech Print and sign, is the best banner printers near me in London. Visit our google review you will be more confident about it.


How can I place an order for a Foamex sign?

Select your selections and submit your artwork to make an order online. You may also use our design service, which you can see on this page, and go through the checkout process.

Why use our 24/7 days printing service?

Same-day PVC printing has numerous advantages.

With that in mind, you may rest easy knowing that you have the option. You can quickly replace your banners if they are lost, damaged, or inaccurate in time for any event you’re attending.
Promitech can deliver banners all across London, so you won’t even have to leave the exhibition centre!
You can start focusing on the things that matter most now that all of your tension is gone. Keep your attention on the event and the individuals who will be there. As a result, you’ll be able to focus entirely on them.
You may rest easy knowing that you’re covered with our same-day printing service.

How we do Same Day foamex Printing London & delivery?

Our large format production printing machines are capable of producing high-quality prints at a high rate. When compared to any other Print Shop London, these are the most advanced machines.
When there is no production, all of our heavy machinery goes into sleep mode. Its goal is to save energy. We also take pride in our colour printing London operation, which runs smoothly and efficiently.
We recycle our toner and ink cartridges through the manufacturer’s recycling services. We work with environmentally conscious suppliers who provide a diverse range of eco-friendly materials. It assists us in ensuring the security and dependability of our urgent printing London service.

Where to do same day foamex printing London during lock down?

Does COVID – 19 affects your business? You can not go out or meet people to buy or pick up your foamex board? Don’t Worry. We Promitech Print and Sign are here to help you. Try our hotline service or email us to get your foamex board urgent delivery. We are ready to serve you all the time.

Where to do foamex photo printing?

Promitech Limited from 140 Mile End Road, E1 4GL has all the available facility and quality to provide foamex photo printing on board

Where to do photo printing same day?

Promitech Limited from 140 Mile End Road, E1 4GL has all the available facility and quality to provide same day photo printing on foamex board.

Where to do same day large photo printing?

Promitech Limited from 140 Mile End Road, E1 4GL has all the available facility and quality to provide same day photo printing on foamex board.

Where to do same day picture printing?

Promitech Limited is expert on picture printing on foamex board with quick turnover time of maximum 12 hours.

Where can I get foamex printers?

You will find Same Day Foamex Board Printing at 140, Mile End Road, London, United Kingdom, E1 4GL. Get Direction

You Can Call Us for instant quote or Mail Us using online form for quotation.

Google search as Promitech you will get every information that you need. 

What format should my artwork be in? What size should my artwork be?

Would you please review our artwork submission rules before submitting your artwork? Please call us for confirmation of submission.

Is it possible to upload more than one image to a single order?

If you are purchasing more than one foamex board of the same size and you have a variety of pieces of artwork to offer, our uploader will allow you to submit as many photos as you require to complete your purchase.

Are you able to match colors?

Images produced by our printers are in the CMYK color space, and artwork submitted in this format will be printed with the color values specified. Color matching services are available upon request; don’t hesitate to contact our sales office for further information and pricing.

Is it possible for you to modify my artwork?

Yes, we may make changes to your artwork if you provide us with the necessary information. This will need the use of one of our design services, which will allow you around 1 hour or 2 hours of design time, depending on the package you choose.

Can I pick up my order from the store?

Choose this option during the checkout process if it is more convenient for you to pick up your order or arrange for pick up at our facility in London.