Same Day Custom Flyer Printing

You’re looking for a Same Day Custom Flyer Printing, correct? Do you require your Flyer to be able to fit tightly within specific packaging? Promitech is a leading same day printing and delivery company in the UK. Our Custom Size Flyers are the ideal option for your needs. If you need to save room, you may tuck your Custom Flyer away in any of the sizes offered, ranging from 100x100mm to 297x420mm.

same day custom flyer printing

Detail: Same Day Custom Flyer Printing

Want to communicate an important message to your consumers in an eye-catching way? Please create your Flyer on a piece of paper of your choosing to fit it perfectly within a folded booklet. Whether you’re inserting your Flyer inside a magazine, a box, or a folder, our Custom Size Flyers are designed to fit your specific needs. Contact us now to learn more.

 We can print any size from 100 x 100mm up to 297 x 420mm; all you have to do is choose your specs, and we’ll take care of the rest. Custom flyer printing provides you with the flexibility to customise your flyers to the exact size you need them to be.

Available Same Day Custom Flyer Printing

You can also design Custom Flyers on a variety of different types of paper!

What options are there?

  • Uncoated 100gsm paper.
  • Glossy paper of 130gsm.
  • Silk (130gsm)
  • Glossy 170gsm paper.
  • The paper is 170gsm silk.
  • Glossy 300gsm paper.

Printed on 300gsm with your choice of lamination – Gloss, Matt, or Soft Touch Lamination (we prefer the Soft Touch Lamination for a velvety feel!).

Our high-quality Flyers come in white label packaging, and if you need them in a hurry, we can even supply them the same day.

Technical Specification

Available Material

  • Include a 3mm bleed on all edges of the page.
  • Provide the file as a CMYK PDF.
  • Fonts should be outline or embedded.
  • Resolution of 300dpi

We have several types of material available for Custom Sized Flyers, including 100gsm uncoated, 130gsm gloss and silk, 170gsm gloss and silk, and 300 gsm coated paper. We also have different sizes available.



These are custom-sized flyers with a minimum width of 100 mm and a maximum width of 297 mm, and with a minimum height of 100 mm and a maximum height of 420 mm, as specified above.

Depending on the needs of the customer, lamination might be given as an option. We laminate flyers in a variety of finishes, including gloss, matte, and soft touch. If the buyer prefers not to have the lamination done, the cost will be less.

Customer Opinion

Felipe Faúndez
Felipe Faúndez
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One of the best printer service from East London. Omar, the owner, always receive you queries and will helps you in a fast way, quality, time and good prices.
Alex S
Alex S
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The best place to print stickers, business cards and leaflets in this area. This my printing shop. Quick and reasonable price. I am happy with their print quality. If you are around here, you should def try this place. 5 stars!