Signage is more important than ever in London today to appeal and visually attract the potential customer. You need to use whatever tool you can to get customers through the door. The most creative, eye-catching, and individual marks are a tried-and-tested method of attracting the attention of potential customers. Lightbox Illuminated Sign is one of them. Promitech Limited must always be one step ahead of the competition; by means of a large array of state of the art and cutting edge architecture.

Promitech Limited is a Lightbox Illuminated Sign provider in London. We offer an on-site, highly competitively priced professional service. We are experts in making signs to ensure that your company will focus throughout the day and at night. Careful planning & design is important to ensure that the sign meets the needs of the client. The time it takes to design is important to achieve a quality sign that provides the requisite visibility.

Our team is to ensure that your needs are meeting as far as possible when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. We try to make it easy and clear as possible to design and pick your signs, so you can sit back and relax when placing your order and be confident that we only use the best materials. We are based in East London and cover all areas inside and outside London, and we can also take care of elegant and individual signage for your home apartment as well as shop signs London.

Variety of Lightbox Illuminated Sign

Lightbox Illuminated Signs London are available in various forms and types like

  • Lightbox Signs,
  • LED Edge Lit Signs,
  • Stencil Cut Tray Signs,
  • Neon and illuminated letters.

Different options for digital and luminous signs are also available, such as direct lighting making through spotlights or trough illumination.

For big face signs using lightboxes or the new power-efficient LEDs, back-light options are available to produce a halo effect during Build-Up Letters. We are able to help you make the right decisions to make your business known to you any time of day or night with over 30 years ‘ experience in Illuminated Signs London.

Popular Usage:

Locate attention with lightbox signs to your brand or products. These hanging printed lightboxes have been designed and constructed to meet your specification. This is to know which size you need and what you want to print, and we’ll do the rest. Illuminated signs are popular for use as:-

  • Corporate branding displays
  • Exhibitions
  • Window displays
  • Retail displays in shopping malls and outlets

We are industry professionals and have some of the country’s most recent flat-bed printed and CNC printing, with print design and production all in Britain. The latest LED technology will introduce into your lightbox system. Designed to match your needs, just contact our sales team and let us know what your needs are and how large and finished we can give you a quote.


There are many different materials available, including Perspex, Aluminum, Ali-panel, Dibond, and Correx. In conjunction with our customer-focused approach; innovative design, and unrivaled creativity, we only want to offer you and your business the best London signs. Shop signing is also the heart of branding and you can create with us a strong, immediately recognized sustainable brand that can help to support and grow your company through a range of techniques like Built-up Lettering, Fret Cut Lettering, and various Backlighting and Lighting techniques.

Promitech Limited is fully committed to finding the right solution for you and our restaurant messages. Those are not only breathtaking but are to last by using innovative and traditional techniques with safe and durable materials, such as high-quality aluminum. With our exciting range of vinyl graphics, you, the staff as well as the customers are expected to experience the stunning glass finish of the Lightbox Illuminated Signs London. Investing in one of the restaurant signs now means that for years to come you are enjoying the best and most creative designs.