Desk Pads

Printed Desk Pads keep your company at the forefront of your client’s minds. These desk and note pads are a must-have for your customers’ desks. Print your company’s logo, a calendar, or lines on them to make them unique. Almost everyone needs to take notes, primarily if they work in an office environment, so why not use promotional desk pads to increase awareness of your company?

Branded desk pads, for example, are available in our extensive selection of printed paper goods and can be customized with your company logo, ensuring that clients remember you every time they need to jot anything down.

A Desk Pad is a great gift for any business or home office, and it’s also an excellent way for you to promote your company daily, ensuring maximum exposure. All Desk Pads measure 210x297mm (8½”x11¼”) and are available in packs of 1. Desk Pad stand sold separately. Desk Pads displaying 100% recycled content with 1.3 times the volume of wood-based paper is 100% recyclable.

Desk Pads with adhesive binding can be easily removed from the Desk Pad Stand, making them an ideal promotional product for your company’s next promotion or event. In addition, desk Pads make a great marketing gift to hand out at trade shows, conferences, conventions, and seminars. Desk Pads are also available with a front cover wrap (1 color print) on the outer edge of the Desk Pad and back cover wrap text printed (no artwork charges). 

The use of custom desk pads at the office is beneficial, and they also make excellent corporate presents that help maintain your company’s name in the minds of your customers and clients. It is possible to create them in any way you like, and they are available in sizes up to A2. They will get you noticed!

Use the calculator below to select and choose from the many options we have available, and then you will receive a quick quotation back from us. If you have any questions, our helpful sales staff is here to assist you with your order; contact us by phone or email, and we will do everything we can to help you.

Desk Pads Product Details

Back blank with a single-sided color print (4/0).

Wood-free offset paper with a high degree of whiteness and opacity and a high degree of transparency.

Recyclable paper (100 percent recycled paper, environmental seal “Blue Angel”) with 1.3 times the volume of regular paper and excellent opacity

Learn more about how printed items made from recycled paper are carbon neutral at no additional cost.

This desk pad, which will be printed with your advertisement, will be a fantastic promotional present. In addition, the desk pad comes in handy for rapidly writing down reminders, notes, remarks, ideas, and phone numbers in a convenient location.

Desk Pads Recommendation

Create your desk pad, complete with a calendar, to guarantee that you are present at your customer’s place of business throughout the year.

On the bottom side of the desk pad, a thick cardboard backing provides additional strength.

You have the option of choose where the adhesive binding will be placed.

According to the text direction, adhesive binding is used.

Print your logo or other advertising text on the white back of the desk pad. This will ensure that your business is visible to everyone who uses the desk pad.

The Desk Pad comes in a display box containing information about environmentally friendly printing and processing. The Desk Pad can be put together with your printed Desk Pad Stand for a beautiful promotional gift.

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