3D Letter Sign London, is a really popular sort of signage that gives a striking 3 dimensional effect when mounted, be it outside or inside an office. Our Letter Signs are available in many sizes and machined from our thousands of ordinary fonts based upon consumer demand. 3D Letter Sign London is a really cost effective way of adding an additional dimension to your sign. Promitech Limited, supplies all Letter Signs with locators fitted, we also provide spare cups and marked templates all inclusive. 3D Letter Sign offer a simple trouble-free installation. Our Letter Signs are manufactured in house, we laser cut lettering in sizes from 15mm to 2000mm. Letter Signs are often stood off on locators / rods or applied flat to the wall.

Types of 3D Letter Sign

Promitech Limited offers various 3D Letter Sign including:

Flat Cut Letters

Flat cut letters and logos produces from a good range of quality materials, with cut or polished edges. Our professionals use Perspex, Palite Foam PVC and Aluminium panel composites during a sort of finishes including mirror, brushed finishes and plain colors. We can produce almost any size of letter, shape or logo in any style up to 3 m high. Sometime, upon request, mounting of flat cut letters also made to make a border effect
Supplied with locators and template as needed . Extra brass locator also provided with extra cost.

We can apply vinyl to flat cut lettering or moulded letters. Flat-cut lettering has always been a well-liked option for signs thanks to the sheer sort of sizes, options and materials that are available. Promitech Limited, specializes in producing made-to-order pieces designed to assist the client effectively promote a selected service or product. In fact, we’ve the power to manufacture nearly any sort of letter or pattern at heights of up to 3 metres. A further vinyl finish are possible to those flat cut letters when required. There are still some additional benefits that ought to not be overlooked.

Here at Promitech Limited, we’ve the power to supply flat-cut letters from foam PVC, acrylic and an aluminium material . Mirrored and brush finishes are available alongside plain coloring. We employ a highly precise laser cutting machine which addressed the foremost minute of details easily. Polishing of letter edge is possible as well upon request. For a further charge, locators and templates are supplied with the installation process. Our sizes currently range from 75 millimetres to 1,200 millimetres (three metres).

Laser Cut Letters

It’s difficult to list all the areas that laser signs can help because there are numerous available! Your job is to shear your thoughts with our professionals and we will serve you. Our main target is to meet your expectation and make your business premises more attractive. We are ready to work with your thinking on any idea of laser cut Perspex signs. The likelihood is that, we’ve probably done something similar before.

We will make sure that we work together by implementing your ideas as accurately and logically as we can. Targeting to make them safe and specify your requirements. Our technicians will add spread of letters there after cutting to make your business premises really stands out.

Built Up / 3D Letters

We will produce built up letters made up of acrylic to supply the simplest and most versatile signage. With this material, we are ready to produce letters which will be made with a spread of various color variations. So, you’ll achieve your dream sign and perfectly encompassing everything your brand stands for. This is common type for signage providing accurate information to potential consumers. The acrylic build up letters are great for lighting up with LED lights for face or halo illumination. We try to give your signage the prospect to possess all the features and graphics you desire for outstanding signage.


Letter Signs London are available during a vast range of materials like:

  • Acrylic & Plastic / Perspex
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper